Golf Course Architecture

Golf course architecture is a core activity within Adam Golf Design. We strive to build unique memorable golf courses in harmony with the environment and in keeping with the local landscape character that are sustainable and economically viable. We pride ourselves on sensitive design that is brought to fruition by integrating the design intent and vision of the client, the needs of all the golfers, the local community and embracing positively the legislative and environmental constraints.


Architecture is an important part of our design work and our in-house architects have over the years built up a considerable experience and expertise in the programming, designing and construction of buildings associated with golf courses and resort developments. We are able to better serve our clients needs by having an integrated and global approach throughout the different phases of the design process when undertaking large projects.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture is another key area of work for Adam Golf Design. We believe it to be an essential component of any successful project whatever the size. It allows us to create views and vistas, optical illusions, a sense of enclosure and openness. The planting schemes, choice of plant materials, various uses of materials and attention to detail allows us to paint the design canvas so to speak and to draw upon peoples emotions and sense of place.

Maintenance and Management

Maintenance and management consultancy are services that we now offer to our clients. Always striving to improve our services, we are able to draw upon a wealth of experience and insight from the management, operation and ownership of some of our projects, notably golf courses. Adam Golf Design is now able to help clients draw up realistic business plans, implement performing management systems and maintenance programs. More and more clients are seeing the added value of calling upon a design team with this unique experience and know-how.


Assisting future clients in their search for financing to build or acquire golf courses is growing for Adam Golf Design. We help in establishing realistic market analysis for the type of facility proposed and the drawing up of financial feasibility studies that are key documents to any successful golf course loan application.


Involvement as investors in the development of new projects or in acquisitions of under performing golf courses is growing for Adam Golf Design and this due to our credibility in the marketplace. Following a comprehensive due diligence review, we try to ascertain hidden value opportunities. In the event of a positive outcome we take a cooperative approach to our investment, ranging from complete ownership to minority shareholding.