The Fromanger & Adam Partnership was formed in 1986 with its head office in Paris. During its early years, the practice was mostly involved in projects both private and public with medium sized budgets, which had varying architectural programs that combined both the design and construction supervision of the golf course and buildings such as the club house.

On the strength of these projects and their acclaim, the practice in the late 80’s was given the opportunity to design some of Europe’s most prestigious courses and resorts, which until then had been reserved uniquely for American based practices. These very large scale projects with substantial budgets allowed Fromanger & Adam to fully express their “savoir faire”, both in innovative design and construction methodology, be it on the course or its related buildings. These projects became the benchmark for the European golf industry, setting new standards of excellence in design, workmanship and services, and firmly setting Fromanger & Adam as one of Europe’s leaders in golf course design.

The early 90’s saw a marked change in the golf market, with many high profile courses and developers going into bankruptcy. This profoundly affected the practice, which had to downsize substantially and had to re-adapt to the new emerging situation within the European golf course industry. The practice was heavily involved in the restructuring of bankrupt existing courses and courses under construction, whilst continuing to design new courses but on a limited scale, until the mid 90’s.

This sustained situation led to a change in direction for the practice and in 1995, Mark Adam and Patrick Fromanger purchased an abandoned landfill site situated 12 km west of Paris in the vicinity of Versailles. They then started the design and purchased construction machinery and maintenance equipment to undertake the construction and maintenance of the course themselves.

In July 2000 they opened the first 9 holes and opened the last 9 holes in May 2004 under their management. In May 2008 following their design, they opened a state of the art, two tiered covered practice area in glass giving it complete transparency. It’s unique with a very special feel. In 2010 following their design, they opened the first phase of the club-house comprising, the reception area, the pro-shop, offices, changing rooms and conference facilities. In 2014 following their design, they opened the second phase of the club-house comprising the bar, lounge area, and restaurant with a very large cantilevered terrace overseeing the golf.

This unique experience, having designed and built their own golf course and club-house facilities and presently managing and maintaining them, has given them a breadth and hands-on understanding of the all the components inherent to a successful golf course, equal to none in the industry. This course is now getting increased recognition as a quality venue and we are truly proud our achievement.

In November 2008, the commercial structure of the partnership was modified to better reflect each partners role. The intent was to express and facilitate a more personal approach from each partner towards clients. This change brought about the formation of Adam Golf Design.